Rather than the near shore, or the far shore, the middle shore – here one gets a clear view in all directions.
Some of my new work embraces abstraction, without kneeling at the altar of “Pure Abstraction”. The Cosmos is simply too “figurative” a place for that. Rather, my view of abstraction is as a form of visual music - rhythms, cycles and patterns blending into the “representational” Universe.
Of my figurative work, that’s like a diorama, it might be on a stage, or in a storefront window, often quite free-form, I let the characters sort out their own scripts. Sometimes they might be enjoying themselves, other times finding themselves in urgent practicality. This is a story with an indeterminate number of chapters.
Over-all, I don’t mind putting in some dark – or light – humor, hey, painting can be fun too! Creating these paintings was a fine mix of pondering, inspiration, toil and goofiness. I hope you will enjoy the show!

C.L. Utley 9/7/07